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One of the expenses of being a student is books and I am sure that most of us do not buy books unless they are part of course requirement. I still remember that because of expensiveness of books and scarcity of my budget during my college years, I refused to buy books unless it is a textbook or workbook that I really need to pass my course.

But of course, having books other than the one required for a specific course is important that is why, I am a regular visitor and borrower in our libraries. And did you know that it is now possible to access a wide variety of books nowadays without buying them or visiting a library? Check out the Bartleby website and you can see hundreds of literature, nonfiction, and reference.

These books are readily available online, you can read and access them for free! The books that they published at Bartleby are suitable for both high school and college students. Browsing or searching their publications is easy because the books are categorized into reference, verse, fiction and non-fiction. You can also search by author, subject or title.

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