Great Resource For Studying Humanities

Humanities is one of my favorite courses in college because it offers interesting topics about culture, language and literature. However, some students find it boring probably because it is similar to the study of History wherein we are bombarded with stuffs that we need to memorize.

But as we move from college to build our career this is when we will appreciate the ideas that our professor in Humanities taught us. So don’t hate Humanities, and better yet, check out this great resource in Humanities called the Perseus Digital Library Project.

Perseus Project is a digital library of resources that can help you in the study of the humanities.  It has an extensive collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world as well as literary and historical collections ranging from the English Renaissance to the American Civil War.

This resource even has the Greek and Latin translation tool. Cool, isn’t it? So begin exploring the wonders of Humanities at Perseus Digital Library Project by clicking the Perseus Lookup Tool Page. To know more about this resource, please visit the  Perseus FAQ Section.

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