Having a highly effective brain can be develop by some habits that can be adopted in our daily lives. One can start by finding out what is the “It” in “Use it or Lose it”  which include mental activities. A thoughtful consideration will make a better perception. Having a healthy body and eating the right food will definitely booze a brain to work effectively. Physical exercise is also highly recommended because it is proven to sharpen the brain.

Expert said that being optimistic can make a highly effective brain.  Engaging to mental exercise and challenges including learning new things and working on puzzles and games will also add wonder to the brain. Continuous learning new ideas regardless of age make a brain more effective.

Traveling and exploring new places also add up in making the brain highly effective because it adds knowledge and stored happy memories.  Making decisions on your own keeps the brain on a tiptop condition and aid in analytical thinking. Making friends also proves to be helpful to the brain because it promotes interaction and communication. Laughing and proper nutrition make our brain more productive.