Handy Tips In Analyzing Essays

To analyze essay is a simple task if you know the rules to observe and you know what you are doing. So before you start analyzing the essay make sure you have a pencil so you can mark the important message the essay is telling you while reading it.

Then find the main idea of what the essay is all about. Never mind the details it will just take you longer. If you encounter unfamiliar words check their meaning if they form part of the keywords and if not, just skip them. Then try to read again the essay but this time you must read it slowly and warily so you can identify the authors point of view in creating the essay. It is also a great way to determine what the author is actually telling its reader and the message they want to say.

Once you get the main idea or what the essay is telling underline it and write theory in the border. In case you find numerous theory or insights, try to fit them in one main idea if they can be jive. Then you must also remember that it is important that you can answer why the author write the essay and to whom does they intent to be read. If you can follow these guidelines you will definitely come up with a good review.

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