Heard About Student Prospector?

I bumped upon Student Prospector and I get caught on its idea of prospecting students who are soon to study in college.  Student Prospector offers a sort of matching service for students and higher education institution.

And what I liked about Student Prospector’s idea is that students will be the one to be contacted by the school and not the other way around. This allows student to save time searching, browsing and sending emails to various colleges or universities because the institutions are the one who will make an offer for students.

I know the feeling of student looking around for a school to study and it is really a hard work and quite confusing with so many universities out there. So if you want to break from the usual way of shopping for your college institution, why not try Student Prospector? It is free after all.

The students just need to sign-up and complete their profile like the course they want, their residence, etc so that they can be matched to the schools that are close to what the students need.  And after this, you will not need to accomplish repetitive forms anymore because the colleges will be the one to make an offer to you. They may even offer you scholarships or financial assistance! Quite nice huh!

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