Have you ever experienced opening your MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint files and can not access them anymore? Well, I know how frustrating it is especially if the file contains important data about your existing school project or research work.

These circumstances really happen once in a while and the reasons vary from one user to another user. And if you transfer and saving files to and from floppy drives, file corruption is more likely happen (in my own experience).

I have a fair share of these experiences when I was in college and I tell you, I used to skip sleep at night times just to retype / rewrite those corrupted documents. And it is just now that I discovered that there are actually ways to recover those files that are written and saved as Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

I read from here that there are several methods that you can try to recover files that can not be opened anymore or to repair those files with texts that had been replaced with garbage/unrecognizable symbols. The first method is through the use of built-in Recovery and Repair tool that you can do by clicking the “Detect and Repair” icon under the Help tool bar.

The other method is to find the temporary file of the original file which is commonly stored but hidden n the folder of original the original document. You can these hidden temporary files if you will set your setting in “View all Files”.

If the above basic methods can not retrieve your lost or corrupted files, the your best bet is to use a third party software that is specially designed to repair and retrieve lost Microsoft Office documents. This option, however, may cost you some dollars. But most recovery software makers like this one and this provide free trial/demo version so you can use them for a limited period of time without paying a dime.

If you are familiar with podcast, you might also listen to this audio tutorial podcast that explains how to recover corrupt documents in Office 2007 in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.