How Students Benefited From Identifying Important And Urgent Things To Do

Deciding which we should prioritize first is sometimes confusing just like when we have an important homework to do and an urgent club meeting to attend or you need to meet an important person but you have an urgent project to finish. Instances like these give us headache as we do not know what we should do first.

But did you know that you can actually make decision easier if you analyze them according to their importance and urgency? Urgent things are those that have to be attended or deal with as soon as possible. While important things need to be addressed at some period of time as important things are not always urgent.

For example, it is important for you to organize a group for your upcoming Science Fair but you also have an urgent homework that you need to pass two days from now. So, what will be your decision? Practically speaking, you should do what needs to be done first. It should be the event that have an immediate deadline.

And to make it even easier to decide which needs to be done first, try Message in a Bottle Exercise to help yourself determine what should be put on the top portion of your To Do List.

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