How To Have A Successful Study Group

There are times when studying with a group is unsuccessful. This happened when the group  members come unprepared or when the members treat their study group as a social group meet-ups. Bear in my that the study group session is not the time to mingle and talk about your personal activities but a time to discuss what you know about your assigned school subject.

Focus on what you need to study and do not discuss anything else unless it is significant to the topic. A study group is not a forum to comment how your feel about the class or your professor. It is the time to discuss what you have read and to brainstorm about the subject matter.

It is a must for its members to read ahead so that everybody in the group would have something to share during your group study session. Remember that the success of your study group depends on the preparedness of each member. And to boost the success of your study session, set a schedule and a conducive place for your group study. Places that are conducive for studying are rooms that resemble a library or a classroom. Stay away from places like cafeteria, noisy parks or stairways where you could encounter lots of distractions.

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