How To Make Most Out Of Your Group Work

Aside from self-reliance, our school also wants to integrate the value of cooperation and teamwork among its students; hence, group projects are part of every course’s curriculum. There are very seldom courses or programs that do not require group projects; in fact even online degree studying involves some sort of group project or discussion.

However, students perceive group work differently: some likes group works, others hate working with their course mates. And the reason is very obvious because not all students are doer; there some students who enjoy leading while some are too lax.

But working with a group is a task that everybody does after school years as it extends even in our professional career. So it is better for students to know the right approach and proper mentality when working with a group.

In every group work, it is essential to allocate certain roles that will guarantee that the group will complete its task. There should be somebody who will serve as coordinator, someone who will serve as a note-taker, a time-keeper who will ensure that meetings keep to the topic and somebody who will remind the group members about the upcoming meeting and if the task assigned to each member is progressing.

And for a team to be successful, each member should know the entire team members. It is also nice to analyze the strong points of each member and identify the team’s goals and tasks. It is a must that a group works according to a time-frame and that each one understands the task deadline. Most of all, evaluate each member according to the quality of their work or contribution and not the member as a person.

Check this out for more tips about successful group work.

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