How To Read Faster By Skimming

Skimming is a type of reading that will allow you to read quickly without compromising the essential information that you want to obtain. This is usually done when you are running out of time and you have to submit an important paper work. It can also be practice while reading your morning newspaper. Imagine by simply glancing the news you can easily tell what was really happen.

In skimming, you don’t have to read the text word by word unlike in your normal reading. The idea of using skimming is to easily get the main ideas of the reading materials you have. Skimming is also ideal if you are conducting research because this can help you to get the best and most useful data. Hence you can make your report more concise and informative.

To improve reading faster with skimming you may read the first and last paragraph. Pay attention to headings, titles and illustrations. This will help you to easily capture particular information because it does not require you full comprehension of the reading materials. Remember skimming is usually adopted when you want to search some place, dates, names, occasions or event.

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