PORPE reading technique stands for Predict; Organize; Rehearse; Practice; and Evaluate. This reading approach is needed when you are preparing for an essay exam or class discussion that requires analysis of a particular reading material.

The PORPE reading approach aims to give you the through details of what you will be reading. After reading using this approach, you will be able to answer the why and how. This is not a fast form of reading as it entails time to grasp the concept of what you are reading.

The first approach in PORPE reading is to predict. To make some prediction, you need to create question that makes use of words such as explain, compare, differentiate, or criticize. After you formulate your own question, you will then organize. Organize involves summarizing the significant terms and key points per chapter or per topic of the material you are reading.

After predicting and organizing, it is now time to rehearse the information you have gathered. Reciting aloud and frequently under this step will greatly help you memorize the concept of what you have read. Then of course, you need to practice by answering your predicted questions using your own words.

Finally, you are now ready to evaluate your own work by asking yourself if you answered your predicted question as it should be. And ask yourself whether you have some concrete examples that will support your analysis or explanation.

Reading the PORPE way is not an easy job as you really need to analyze and spend several days to be well-prepared and come up with a thorough understanding of the material or book you have read. But you know what? This is a sure way to ace your essay or class discussion. So prepare ahead!