How To Think Like A Genius

Though you are not the know-all student or the top-notch student in the class, there are some techniques where you can think like Einstein or Aristotle especially when you are faced to solve a particular problem. The key is to be analytic and determined.

View the problem or situation in all perspective and think the opposites. Knowing the entire angle will make you visualize the situation better and prevents you from being one-sided. This will also allow you to formulate more than one possible solution or recommendation.

Work things out by trying the solution you have formulated. Don’t afraid to fail. Remember that even well known scientists made many mistakes before arriving to a perfect invention. Use the mistakes you incurred for the improvement of your succeeding projects. Never be disappointed instead, combine what you have learned from your mistakes to create a perfect solution.

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  1. mulama77

    At the beginning of the semester am ussually very focused. Am always concenterated during lectures but at the end of the semester i realise that i have not covered alot as to the amount of effort i have applied to nthe studys’. how can i input less enfort but gain in the method of coverage of the syllabus?. What are the practical steps that can help me remember everything during and after the lectures? for iussually undersand everything during and some periods after the lecture but in the long run i realise that i have not masterd thoselectures to my understanding to answer any questions.

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