iPod As Studying Tool?

Why not? iPod is basically a music or video portable player but because of the explosion of online educational materials all over the web, iPod became a valuable tool to access these educational materials anytime and anywhere. No wonder that iPod is now being distributed by some universities to their students.

Also,  there are already lots of websites or online educational tools that are designed for iPod use. An example is the SparkCharts that help students prepare for their tests in biology, anatomy, chemistry, algebra, calculus or Spanish subject.

Another example is the NotePods  which is also an iPod-compatible. NotePods can assist students in summarizing Jane Austen novels, Shakespeare plays and works of Tolstoy and more. And of course, do not forget the wide range of educational podcasts that are all offered for free over iTunes.

So, if you have an iPod, don’t just use it to listen for your favorite music or watch for your subscribed videos, use it as a study tool and see how it can help you improve your grades by giving you more ways to study anytime and anywhere.

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