Is It Really Bad To Study In Bed?

I just asked myself that question when someone told me that it is not advisable to read or study in bed. Whew! Is this really true? I am really puzzled because I always study in my bed. My bed is one of my favourite studying spots and of course, afterwards, I really feel sleepy…

I browsed the net to check out the truth about studying in bed and I found a lot of websites stating that reading and studying in bed is not really recommended. They said that our body tend to be too relaxed to absorb anything well. This is because we associate bed in sleeping and our bed is the consistent place where we sleep at a consistent time. It is not the subject or the topic that tends us to feel sleepy, it is the place where we study. So stay out from your bed when you want to study efficiently and effectively.

Well then, thanks for my friend who unintentionally told me that bed is not a good place to study. But of course, that is for studying only, when you want to read to fall asleep, there is nothing wrong about it. I only wish that I realized this thing when I was still studying but anyway, now I know another technique on how to study effectively.

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