LASSI Assessment

LASSI or Learning And Study Strategies Inventory assessment is a paid but comprehensive assessment about the students’ knowledge on the use of learning and study strategies associated to their specific skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning.

The focus of LASSI assessment is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relate to successful learning and that can be altered through various educational interventions. I am not saying that this assessment is a must but if you are eager and serious to assess yourself as a student or if you are a parent who would like to discover the learning capabilities of your child, this could be a good way to find out the specific studying strengths and weaknesses of your child.

The assessment though offered for a fee is not that expensive because for only $3.25, you can have a basis for improving the student’s learning and studying strategies and a analytical assessment to help identify those areas in which students could benefit most from educational interventions.

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