Learn Foreign Language And Help Your Brain To Be Sharper

It is true that learning a new language helps your brain to be sharper and since iPod can also be used as a studying tool, I would like to recommend a web resource that can help you learn a new language during your spare time or while waiting for your next class. I am referring to Worldnomads that offer free language tutorial.

Worldnomads offer free Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish tutorials in podcast form and designed to be downloaded via iPod. Once you downloaded the audio podcast onto your iPod, you can now start learning a new language anytime and anywhere you want.

Easy isn’t it? So check out Worldnomads and begin learning anew language. Learning a new language is not just fun but it also a good way to keep your brain healthy and sharp.

1 thought on “Learn Foreign Language And Help Your Brain To Be Sharper

  1. Joanna

    Great post – I will be checking the free language tutorial and will let you know how I get on. I like your site by the way.

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