Students or any individual who want to learn the Chinese language may check out this Online Chinese Tools. This website provides free online resources to help you learn speaking and writing Chinese in the easiest way. It is composed of various tools that can assist you in both learning and using Chinese language.

Among the available online tools are the Chinese Text Annotator that is used to break a text into words and add links to dictionary entries; and the Chinese Flashcards that features different Chinese characters telling you their pinyin romanization, English definition, total number of strokes, and their Cantonese pronunciation in the Yale system.

This Chinese online tools website likewise has a Chinese-English Dictionary, Chinese Reading Assistant, and resources to help students learn to draw the Chinese Characters.

The website even has the capability to repair corrupted Chinese emails back to its original Chinese format in cases when some email programs automatically alter Chinese texts. It can even teach you how to use an abacus and how to play the Chinese chess.

So whether you are a Chinese language student or just want to understand few Chinese characters, this site is definitely worth trying. And don’t forget that all of these Chinese tools are offered for free!