I just bumped into a catchy acronym of a study technique called MURDER which stands for Mood, Understand, Recall, Digest, Expand and Review. And when I took a look unto it, the techniques are simple and very doable making them handy for all students.

Mood – This is the first thing you need to set when you are about to study. You need to have a proper state of mind or disposition so that you can study efficiently.

Understand – Understand what you need to study and what are the things or topics that you don’t understand so that you can put more attention to that particular subject.

Recall- Check if you can recall what you have studied. Go back again to the topics that you did not clearly get.

Digest – After reading or studying each topic, digest what you have just read or studied using your own words.

Expand – Expand what you have studied by asking questions like “what questions would I ask to the author or what criticism would I offer to him about this topic? How could I apply this material to what I am interested in? How could I make this information interesting and understandable to other students?”

Review – Review by going again to the readings you have to ensure that you have covered all the necessary topics you need to study.

This MURDER study system was adopted  from Hayes, John R., The Complete Problem Solver, Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, Hillsdale, NJ: 1989.