Mensa As Extra-curricular Activities

Do you have a high IQ? Or do you want to hone your IQ further more by mingling with intelligent people? Try joining Mensa, a society for bright people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population.

I have seen student members of Mensa from around the world and the beauty of joining this group is that you are not bounded with political or religious restriction because this society is free from all racial distinction. The objective of this group is to simply enjoy each other’s company by participating in various social and cultural activities.

This is one group that can not be joined by anybody and if you are fortunate to have an IQ higher than the top 2% of your population, then you could say that you are really somebody regardless of your status in your campus.

Interested? Why not try the Mensa Home Workout Test This is a test that you can take online and for free to practice a Mensa Qualifying Test. But bear in mind that this is just a practice test and passing it does not mean that you are already a qualified Mensa member.

For more information about Mensa membership and how it can benefit you as a student and as person, go here.

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