Brain nourishment is as essential of nourishing our body and it always follows that a healthy body is likewise an indicator of healthy brain and of course, great grades at school. You will not be a smart person if you are deprived of good food.  And you will not excel in your class if your mind is empty. That is why sometimes, we take vitamins or food supplements to boost the power of our mind, to help us become more alert and attentive.

If you are studying but seems to have a hard time synthesizing or processing what you learn; or despite of the effort you gave on your studies it seems that you can not retain any on your mind, perhaps, it would be best to take a look on what you are eating. You may be eating too much or eating too little or not eating the right food. Maybe it is time to plan your meal or at least sensibly choose the food you will eat. Here is one good suggestion of a typical menu that greatly benefit both you brain and body.