Online Bookmarking Site For Studying Purposes

You probably heard about bookmarking sites such as CiteULike,,   reddit,  Simpy, Furl, Stumbleupon and many others. These sites are popular because of their ability to tag and bookmark web pages on the Internet.

But did you know that you can actually use these bookmarking sites for your studies? You can store and organize your online references and important web pages at the same time. And because it is online, you can access your bookmarked references wherever you are regardless whether you are using your own computer or not.

The bookmarking site such as the CiteULike is even capable of extracting citation details  which makes it more useful when you are writing a research paper. Almost all bookmarking sites are free and since it is all online, the risk of losing your saved bookmarks due to unexpected computer breakdown is unlikely to happen. So, instead of just tagging your friend’s blog posts, start using your favorite bookmarking site to save and share the web pages about your course or subject.

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