Studying became even better because of the internet. Nowadays, students can conduct a research with ease because of comprehensive reading materials that are available online. And now, statistics analysis can be done with in few minutes with a new technology in StatCrunch.

StatCrunch is an online tool by Pearson Education that assists students to explore the complex world of statistics by allowing them to perform complex statistical analysis. This tool is also ideal for teachers and statistics instructors because they can now easily check or assess their students’ works.

The web-based software at StatCrunch is a user-friendly program wherein students can simply type data directly or load text and Excel files from their computers in the application. Analyzing data is done through a number of different statistical routines. It can also generate interactive graphs and reports out of the data that the users’ input.

To access this online statistic tool, the student or teacher must be a registered user. Basic subscription is not free but it is very affordable even to students because one can already subscribe for 6 months at a cost only $5 or $8 for 12 months; and if you have been given a prepaid code, then your subscription is free.

As a subscriber, you can then upload data files from your computer, analyze them using the extensive list of numerical and graphical procedures in StatCrunch, export and save data analysis results, and report insights along with attached data sets and analysis results. You also have the option to share your data/report privately or share them in the world.