Some Pointers To Keep Your Brain In Shape

Forgot where you left your keys this morning? Or maybe you left your umbrella in the office?  It happens. With all the responsibility and things to accomplish, we probably tend  to get forgetful sometimes.  Do not worry because this is not conclusive for Alzheimer’s disease or any type of dementia. Dementia is an illness that … Continue Reading


Free Student Resources From Project Gutenberg

The Internet is now flooded with so many information and for students, it is somehow hard to know whether the particular information they gathered is official, valid, true or not. So it is really important to only search from trusted online resources. The Project Gutenberg is one of the most reliable educational eBook sources in … Continue Reading


Read Anywhere And Anytime With Kindle

Have you ever heard about Kindle? Yes, this is the one developed by Amazon for reading various e-Books. If you are a type of student who loves reading a lot or if you have a literature subject that requires you to read long novels and literature, Kindle will surely make reading easier for you. Kindle … Continue Reading


More Tips For Effective Note Taking During Lectures


Note taking  is a common activity to many students but doing it effectively is a skill that must be learned. To make effective note taking a student must do multi-tasking because during lectures they are required to listen attentively to understand what the lecturer is discussing. At the same time, they have to write note … Continue Reading

The Importance Of Independent Studying


Independent studying is a normal thing in University setting because most programs offered fewer lectures but requires extensive research. Working on your own is an essential thing that will happen most of the time. Hence, setting certain limitations and following the guidelines that will be discussed here will give value on independent studying. Focus and … Continue Reading

Walking Meditation Can Increase Your Focus


Walking meditation is ideal to increased focus and awareness. It helps a person to be attentive on their encounter as they do the walking. It gives more freedom and enhances feeling good on the inner selves. Walking meditation to be effective should be done outdoor like in the sea shore, park or any open space … Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Writing Skills


Writing skills  can be improved significantly by continuously practicing the skills doing some writing exercises. Enjoying the process of writing is also important because there is a need to invest time to write up things without rushing. Set a timeframe on how each deadline should be met. Loving your writing as a craft will make … Continue Reading

Habits of Highly Effective Brains


Having a highly effective brain can be develop by some habits that can be adopted in our daily lives. One can start by finding out what is the “It” in “Use it or Lose it”  which include mental activities. A thoughtful consideration will make a better perception. Having a healthy body and eating the right … Continue Reading

Improving Your Problem-Solving Skills


Problem-solving skill is not learned overnight it requires consideration of certain factors that may influence the outcome of the results. To improve problem-solving skill one must analyze and determine what is the task assigned. They can start by writing all the ideas they have in mind to make it happen. In addition to that, they … Continue Reading

Doodling can Increase Your Concentration


Jackie Andrade, a psychologist and professor at the University of Plymouth in England said that doodling helps the student to enhance memory while listening to discussion rather than daydreaming.  This information was published by Applied Cognitive Psychology giving highlights that doodling is encouraged in aid of better recall as proven by the studies conducted by … Continue Reading