Peanut is probably the most popular and very affordable brain booster because it is and widely available anywhere in the world. It is not a nut but a legume that is related to lentils and beans. Peanut is a brain booster because it is high in vitamin B6, protein, has a good source of folate and naturally cholesterol free.

This is one of the most excellent foods for students like you because of its high nutritional value. Eating peanuts can keep your brain functioning because it aids to maintain a steady sugar level on your body. So instead of eating salty chips and munching chocolates for snacks, indulge in a peanut butter sandwich or a peanut bar to feed not only your hungry stomach but to nourish your mind as well. And hey, peanut was found to be rich in antioxidants as many kinds of fruits. but of course, eat in moderation because eating too much peanut is not advisable.