Practical Tips For Incoming College Students

College is often called the “Big School”, the place where we could learn to become professionals someday.  College life is exciting and full of adventures, a stage in our lives where we begin to experience to be independent.  College life and studying in college is far different from what we have in high school.

So I’m just giving some practical tips to help you out to have a good start in your college years. Some failed to finish their degrees because they solely treat college life as the time when we become free. They overdo or abuse the freedom and forget that we are here to get a degree and that college days are just the beginning of our life as adult.

Set your priorities. Bear in mind that you are in college to study and to complete a degree. Socialization, making friends and going out with them must be on your second or third priorities. Time is precious; you will lose more if you could not finish your degree on time.

Use a planner to arrange your schedule and “to do” lists. Nobody will be there to remind you or follow up on you. Be responsible and organize. Be punctual and assert some effort so that your professor would know you by your name – this will help you in one way or another to have better grades.

Studying in college must be the best time to start being wise and practical. Don’t spend here and then. Save as much as you can and avoid the temptation of using credit cards to unnecessary things. I don’t think you would like to have debts piled high even before your graduation. Opt in buying second hand books to save more bucks.

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