Everybody knows we have to exercise our muscle to be physically fit. However, it is not just our muscles that need exercising. Our brain also needs the same exercise that we ought to give to our body. Using our brain the right way can make us more focused. It boosts our intelligence and thinking capability. But then, how do we exercise our brain? Here are some practical ways to do it:

Watch less TV –This is a real tough one especially for those who love watching shows.  But according to numerous studies all over the world, television would not allow our mind to think or re-charge.  After long hours of television our eyes sore and we feel so drained. An alternative relaxation is to listen to good music. You can also try reading magazines or newspaper instead of watching TV if you feel some boredom.

Do some stretching – Exercising can boost our physical capability. It can clear our head and creates a positive wave of energy. After a good work out, we will feel more energetic and we could concentrate clearly.

Read challenging books – I am a fan of suspense thriller but I just found out recently that these type of books are not good in stimulating our brain. To enhance our thinking capability, it would be better to read classic novel because these are the books that can make you focus. More than that, it could enhance your vocabulary to good English language.

Get enough sleep – My doctor advised me to get at least eight hours sleep every day. But then, there is a catch to that. One should sleep early to make the most of the sleeping benefits. Rejuvenation takes it fullest if we sleep early and avoid sleeping for more than eight hours. In case of sleepiness attack during day time, 10 to 20 minute nap should do the job. Anything in excess can make us sluggish. Remember, complete sleep helps our mind focus.

Free your mind from unnecessary worries – Too much things crowding our mind makes it difficult to concentrate and could make us feel exhausted. Reflection can make us more organize and easily identify our priorities . Any form of solitude is also good for our brain. Ideas are coming out when we are in solitude state.