Have you ever heard about Kindle? Yes, this is the one developed by Amazon for reading various e-Books. If you are a type of student who loves reading a lot or if you have a literature subject that requires you to read long novels and literature, Kindle will surely make reading easier for you.

Kindle has bookmarking and highlighting system that you can use for note taking or for adding any input on the e-book you are reading. It also features a dictionary so whenever you are reading and didn’t understand a word, you do not need to grab a dictionary anymore.

Kindle also lets you email documents and PDF files conveniently and when you are traveling, these stuff is very easy to do when you have Kindle. You will not miss any school reading anymore if you had it as an e-book and store it in your Kindle.

But of course, you can’t just say goodbye to your paperback books yet because not all books are converted in Kindle and not all books are suited to be read through Kindle. When you are doing research or need to browse a lot of books, nothing beats the paperback reference book or using the internet.

Kindle is said to be best for reading novels and long stories but who knows? Time may come that Kindle  will have all the flexibilities to serve the needs of students when doing their home works and research works. But Kindle is not for plain reading, check out this article that revealed how you can use Kindle for GPS, wireless connectivity, playing music and many more.