Reducing Examination Anxiety

There are several students who are anxious or nervous whenever they take exams and because they are fearful, these students often got unimpressive test results. But there are ways to reduce test anxieties, all you need to do is prepare and anticipate the forthcoming examinations.

Tell yourself that an examination is just a way of verifying what you have learned and to validate if you retain the concepts that are taught by your professors or instructors. So the key is to review and read back the lectures that you have discussed prior to the test. Professors usually give pointers and scope of the upcoming examinations to help their students prepare and perform better. And if you listened to your previous lecture, you are almost sure that you could pass your examinations.

Refrain from talking with your classmates or schoolmates who were not able to prepare for the exams because they will only impart negative feelings or pessimism. Sleep early and think of pleasant thoughts the day before your exams. Eat just right before the exam: never overeat or take too much sugar or too much caffeine because these may aggravate anxiety.

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