Save Your Data Through Evernote

I stumbled upon Evernote and I immediately thought of sharing this awesome tool here because I am sure it is quite helpful for students. Evernote lets you collect photos, web clippings and hand-written notes and store them in a centrally-located library which is accessible anytime you may need it.

It has a web version and you can also download its software so that you can access all your notes even when you are offline. But in my own opinion, the web version is already pretty good as it has all the functionalities of the said platform. What I found very interesting about Evernote is its text recognition capabilities that allow users to search even those handwritten text embedded in the photos.

Evernote works both in PC and Mac and also in iPhone. So whatever platform you are using, you can literally capture anything. And because Evernote provides you an Evernote email, you can immediately email anything from your mobile phone and access it later on the web.

For more information about the exciting features of Evernote and to get an invitation to sign-up for free, please click here.

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