Select And Copy Vertical Text With Ease

It is sometimes hard for us to select, copy or modify vertically when we are working in a Word document especially when we are trying to modify or copy just one particular side of the document and the document or list your are trying to copy is not inside a table. For example:

Boys                 Donation                 Girls               Donation
Andrew Martin     $10                     Lisa Bayle             $5
Greg Sandler       $5                       Shiela Nickens       $6
Bryan Hanks        $8                       Allyssa Hunt         $20
Alvin Amber         $20                     Myles  Lee            $10
Anthony Siegel     $10                     Anne Curtis          $10
George Cruise      $5                       Michelle Clancy       $5

Vertical text selection is just easy. To select the girls’ names on the above list, you need to hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. Holding the Alt key while dragging the mouse pointer to select the text will allow you to select vertically.

I just learned about this trick awhile ago and I am really glad because I can now modify or copy words vertically. This is actually great when you are working on a school project, editing a paper or simply copying a list. And if you want to select just a group of words which are located in different paragraphs, simply press the ctrl key while dragging the mouse after you selected the first group of words.

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