Some Studying Tips For All-Nighters

I stumbled upon a book “How to Pull an All-Nighter” that is published and being sold at Lulu for $14.95. The description of the book is quite nice because the book tells about everything that students need to know to stay up all night with minimal tension and better outcome.

I read the book description as well as its press release and picked up some useful tips like late drowsiness can be partially neutralized by ratcheting up the brightness of a desk lamp. It says that bright light can counteract drowsiness because our brain’s sleep regulation mechanism reacts with a wakefulness response when bright light enters our eyes.

And if you will stay up all night, you should not eat fatty foods such as chips, burgers and fries because fatty food hinders our brain’s ability to properly use the glucose it needs to stimulate mental activities while studying and taking tests. Instead, eat candy bars to give your brain caloric fuel to help optimize the neurochemistry of learning and memory during all-nighters.

The book also divulged that the hours between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. are the toughest hours of the night to try to study because mental efficiency automatically bottoms out during those hours due to the influence of an internal biological pacemaker, the circadian rhythm, which progressively reduces mental and physical efficiency at night. Oh my! Now I know why it is really hard for me to work or read during these times.

Well, it is good that I stumbled upon this book. I am sure that there are many more useful studying tips inside this book so, if you are always trying to squeeze your time to study at night, I bet this is a very good book to read.

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