I admire people who can read very fast, especially those who can retain in their mind 90% of what they have read.  I read here that there is a man in the name of Kim Peek who can read over 10,000 words a minute, with 98% retention. Amazing isn’t it? According to the article, Kim Peek can do it by skimming two pages simultaneously, one with each eye.

But of course, it will be hard for ordinary people to do what Kim Peek can do because he is an extraordinary genius, a savant; his brain lacks a corpus callosum, the nerve bundle that connects the left and right hemisphere.

Anyway, even if we can not equal the speed reading greatness of Kim Peek (because a typical college student can only read around 250 words per minute), Tony Buzan, the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps told that with the proper training, most people can get up to 1000 word per minute on the right text. Here’s how:

* We have to learn how our eyes and brain work – they read other words either side of our main focus and skip around a page rather than moving smoothly from side to side. The aim is to read whole chunks rather than looking at words letter by letter.

* Avoid re-reading passages and vocalizing to ourselves because these will only slow us down.

And if you are serious about speed reading, why not try some practical techniques like photoreading and skimming? These techniques can surely help you improve your reading speed especially of you practice it regularly.