Did you ever wonder how fast reader you are ? Or how many words you can read per minute?  Stop wondering because now, you can finally find out your wpm through this ReadingSoft website.

To start calculating your words-per-minute, simply click the START button and then proceed reading the text that you will see. Then after reading the entire text, click the FINISH button to see the results. Your result will be interpreted as follows:

100 wpm = Not so good
200 wpm = Average reader
300 wpm = Good
500 wpm = Very good
700 wpm = Excellent

So there you are, the result may now possibly help you to assess how much time you will be needing to thoroughly read a particular essay, article or novel. But according to different researches, we usually read 25% slower in a computer screen than from a piece of paper. And this is another tip for us, because if we need to finish faster, now we know that we can finish reading faster if we have the material printed.