Studying Early Or Studying At Night?

“What is the best time to study? Early in the morning or in the evening?” This is the question I frequently heard among students who want to maximize their learning capabilities. Based on my experience, the best time to study depends on each one of us but we learn best when our mind is relax and fresh. So the technique is to freshen up your mind before studying.

Whether you decided to study in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, be sure that you are mentally ready: take away your other concern, eat light, have some water, tea or coffee at hand and have some nice deep breathing. Also, do not study when you feel sluggish or sleepy, it would be better to get rid of that feeling by doing other short time but light activities like warm up exercises, singing or walking around before you study.

If you like to study at night because of less distraction, taking a short nap and drinking a cup of your favorite drink is recommended before studying. And if you want to study in the morning just after waking up from last night’s sleep, bathe or at least take a warm shower and eat a light breakfast before studying. Remember that our learning capacity does not really depend on the time we studied but on the readiness of our mind to take and store new information.

2 thoughts on “Studying Early Or Studying At Night?

  1. uha1

    “.. Remember that our learning capacity does not really depend on the time we studied ..” – –
    I strongly disagree. There are certain periods that gives you the peak performance. I believe it should be related with movement of sun-world-stars etc..

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