Malta. Is it as good as England, Australia or New Zealand in English language teaching?
As a teacher from England I have had first-hand experience with English language
teaching in England. It is difficult to compare the beautiful weather, varied cuisine
and relaxed atmosphere to England. England is great for some things but trust me, the
weather is not one of them. When comparing English language learning you have to
consider several things, the quality of the school, the professionalism of the staff and
the atmosphere. All of these things are important for a productive language learning
experience. Fortunately Malta has all of these things. Now, I am not generalizing,
there are bad schools in both Malta and England, however, Maltalingua for example, is
arguably one of the best schools on the island. The staff actively takes part in the social
activities with students so that students have the opportunity to speak with their teachers
in less formal environments. This improves students’ confidence and allows them to
practise their English communication skills.

Apart from this relaxed atmosphere, what about the teaching in the classroom? If you
compare both English and Maltese schools you will find almost the same standard of
teaching. Now, in England there are some schools that are better than others of course,
and the same is true of Malta. Teachers are trained to the University of Cambridge
CELTA (one of the highest qualifications in the industry) or have the TEFL Certificate.
Not only do you get the same level of teaching in Malta, but the courses are designed by
experienced and well-qualified teaching staff. These staff members also go on activities
with students giving them individual attention. This personalised and friendly atmosphere
helps students learn better and ultimately help them to learn faster. Students want to
speak English; it becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

Communicative teaching is the theme in Malta, and especially at Maltalingua. The
relaxed atmosphere does not mean that the school and the students are relaxed about
learning, the opposite in fact. The relaxing atmosphere helps you learn. Whether you are
studying in the classroom or relaxing in a bar, looking at paintings in Valletta or visiting
one of Malta’s historic museums, English becomes more natural. You gain confidence by
speaking in a friendly community surrounded by other students and a qualified teacher,
helping you every step of the way.

We look forward to welcoming you and we hope to see you soon

This article has been written by James Warwick (EFL Teacher at Maltalingua)

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