Taking Notes During Lecture

Taking notes during lectures are important because they serve as good reviewers when you need to get back to past lessons. Notes are likewise excellent materials for reviewing. And most of the times, the answers on the exams were discussed in your previous lectures.

However, not all students are adept in notes taking because some students can not concentrate on listening if they are writing. And I was one of those students who are not actually good in taking notes until I learned some techniques on how to efficiently take notes during class lectures.

Use bullets when taking notes, there is no need to write in sentences. Jot down only those terms or phrases that are important. You can identify the essential phrases when you hear those terms after the lecturer says “remember or bear in mind that…, the most significant…, therefore…, hence…”

Abbreviate the words when you are writing and use symbols that you can understand so that you can write quickly. Remember that speaking is faster than writing so you need to think of ways to take notes faster. If you are uncertain to the term that you heard, or did not fully understand it, just mark it with a question mark or a horizontal line. This will allow you to get back with it after class or ask the lecturer afterwards. Finally, take some time to compare notes with your classmates to check whether you got all the essential details of the lecture.

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