Techniques in Reading Text Books

Students are often bored or gets tired easily when reading text books especially if we are asked to read several chapters. But there are actually some techniques to speed up reading long chapters of text books. The first technique is to have a quick look to the entire chapter by previewing what is the chapter all about.

Previewing a book chapter means scanning it by reading its introduction, all the headings, and the summary of the chapter. Scanning also means that you should take a look on the tables, pictures or graphs and all the captions. By doing this, you already have a general idea on what a particular chapter is all about.

After previewing the entire chapter, you should now prepare several questions like what, when, where, how, why or who. This will allow you to identify and understand the essence of the chapter. You can easily find the answer to your own question by looking at the headings. Write all the answers and pointers to your notes so that you have a ready reference during class discussion.

Doing this technique will surely minimize the need to read the entire chapter. And I particularly like using the scanning technique during my college days because I find it really fast to understand the entire chapter without actually reading the book word by word.

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