Struggling to create a good study habit? I read about a catchy acronym that is actually a study system that students may adopt. It is ASPIRE, a study system that is easy to remember and very doable:

A – Approach your studies with a positive attitude and you can do this by arranging your schedule ahead to eliminate distractions.

S – Select a reasonable chuck of material to study; meaning, don’t just pile your books or lectures in front of you but estimate the reading material that you can digest and finish in a certain period of time. Also, make it a habit to survey headings, outline and questions so that you will know what information you should seek.

P – Put together what you have read by summarizing what you had understand from your books and notes.

I – Inspect, investigate and inquire. Inspect what you didn’t undertand and investigate further about by reading other materials or by inquiring to your professor, group leader oir any person whom you think has the best knowledge about the subject matter you didn’t understand.

R – Reconsider and reflect after studying for questions, criticisms and possible application of what you have learned. You should also learn how to make this information interesting and understandable to other people.

E – Evaluate, examine and explore. Evaluating what you have learned is achieved through the exam/test or the grade you got after studying. Examine the outcome of your exam and try to explore your options to improve or sustain the result you obtained.

Well, nice one isn’t it? Now you have more ways to study effectively.

Source: Studygs