The Benefits Of Sleeping And Taking A Nap

Eating healthy food is not enough to make you a smart student who is always alert and attentive. You also need ample sleep to totally revive your energy and refuel yourself. A goog sleep is proven to provide numerous benefits to us including a strengthened immune system, increased memory and improved reaction time.

People learn better and are more productive when they have sufficient sleep. And this is the same reason why it is not a good idea to rush a project or a term paper in just one night. Term paper made overnight is often lacking in substance. This is similar to reviewing very late for the next day exam. Our mind will not function properly and hence, will just yield poor performance and low grades.

Taking a nap during 1 hour break time or lunch time is also recommended. It gives your mind and your body a chance to rejuvenate and be alert again. Napping for around 30 to 40 minuets during the day is great for both students and employees, It has been proven than people who take a nap are better performers.

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