The Cornell Method Of Taking Notes

Just like reading, there is also several styles or methods of taking notes during lectures. One of the popular methods is the Cornel System. The Cornell method is designed to save time as this method does not require you to rewrite what you have written. This method is also known as the “Do it Right in the First Place” system.

The Cornell method is easy to do. You just need to use a big, loose leaf notebook. Then, draw a vertical line that is 2.5 inches from the left side of the notebook leaving a six-inch area on the right side in which to you will write your notes.

During the lecture, get the general ideas. When the lecturer proceeds to a new topic, skip few lines. Then write some significant points in the left side of the notebook. After the lecture, review your notes by covering the right-hand portion of your notes and recall the general ideas of the lecture using your own words. After doing this, remove the covered portion of the notes and check if your notes matched to what you have been said.

Of interest: Some people do better in their education if they are better able to take notes, so if you were never really educated on the best ways for taking notes then the Internet might be able to help.

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