The Importance Of Evaluating Your Schedule

Many tell us that we need to make a schedule or to keep a planner so that we could track all our projects, homework and extra-curricular activities. Making a schedule is great because it helps us to be more organized and prevent us from forgetting those important things to do.

But still, many students fell short to meet all their scheduled tasks. Why? Because the student has overloaded schedule. They failed to realize that the tasks they have accommodated can not be really completed or done in a particular period of time.

This scenario is not only true for students; working adults also have this dilemma. The solution is to sit down and evaluate your schedule. Do not just jot down the things that you should do. You need to include the number of hours you need to complete each task or schedule.

When evaluating your schedule for the first time, start from the time that you woke up in the morning. Follow this by the activities that you need to do and the time you consume fro each activities. Of course, don’t forget to include the time you spent on your classes each day and the travel time between your home and your school.

By doing this, you can now clearly identify all your occupied hours and the number of hours that you have as your spare time. This will likewise help you determine the reason why you can not complete your entire schedule at a particular day.

Evaluating your schedule helps you identify the things that you should eliminate to finish your task at a time. This will also help you to decide whether you need to give up some of your activities to accommodate more important schedules.

Read here to find out how to evaluate your schedule properly.

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