The Past Exam Papers Technique

I read one easy technique to get high score in exams: using the Past Exam Papers Technique wherein instead of reviewing textbooks, students will use their past exam papers as their review materials. According to this site, this is not cheating  because you will just collect or save previous test papers so you can get a pretty good idea of what will come up.

Well, this technique can really cut the time you need to review your notes and entire textbooks because what you have is the set of questions that will likely to be included in your upcoming exams. And I think this is even more effective if you knew someone who is in the higher batch of the same degree that you are taking up.

The only disadvantage that I can see in the Past Exam Papers Technique is that you need to be more resourceful because collecting previous test papers is not that easy especially if you want to use those that are used by the upper batch. You need to be have contacts if you want to use this technique. To read more about the Past Exam Papers Technique, please proceed here.

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