Lectures are valuable method to learn and understand a particular subject. These are the very essence why we attend classes regularly and why so schools have teachers. Listening to lectures is often considered as indispensable or crucial aspect of learning. Without lectures that are given by professors or teachers, it would be hard for us to grasp the concept of what we are studying.

Based on my experience, you will surely pass your course if you attentively pay attention to every lecture that you have especially if the lecturer is good and resourceful. And did you know that popular professors are those who are good lecturers? Professors are judged by their students according to their capacity to explain and expand the subject matter.

I was lucky to have professors who are very good in teaching because they gave us comprehensive lectures that help us understand the concept without the need of reading extensively. Lectures that are comprehensive and thorough are already great review materials. And remember, since lectures are the very essence of studying, you are always near the finish line if you mind your lectures seriously. Listening to lectures can actually shorten the time you need to study afterwards. So pay attention to your lectures and never miss classes.