The Value Of Motivating Yourself To Study

Motivation is important in studying. If the student lacks motivation, he or she may not have good grades, will not perform well or worst; will not able to finish the course. But motivation is something that increases or decreases over time depending on the circumstances that we are in, especially when we are engage in a project or task that takes long time to be completed.

And for instances when our motivation decreases, we need to do help ourselves to keep them. Bear in mind that if we are not motivated in studying, completing our project, homework or the course itself is three to four times harder.

To revive your motivation or enthusiasm to study, ask yourself why you chose the degree you have. Pin point the advantages of your course and the qualifications that you could earn when you completed it.

Afterwards, create a list of short term realistic goals that you can accomplish one at a time and give yourself a reward for every goal you achieved. Remember that nobody could help you better than yourself. You alone can know what keeps you down and what will you going.

For tips on how to

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