Things To Consider When Joining Extra-Curricular Group

Student life is not complete when you do not have any extra-curricular group where you could share your time and talent because studying is not only to build your career but also to establish friendship and develop your social networking.

But of course, we need to think before joining a club as the group we link to ourselves should reflect the same interests and beliefs that we have. We should also choose the group that could help us to explore more opportunities and the one that will bring the best for us. Prefer extra-curricular groups that you will not only enjoy but will likewise give you good achievements which you could use in the future.

However, joining any extra-curricular group is also a commitment. You need to ask yourself if you could devote some of your time with them, share your knowledge, help them with their mission and if you would like to stick with them even after college days.

The 2003 Commencement Address of Harvard University mentioned some valuable insights about the importance of extra-curricular activities to the life of every student.

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