Tips To Avoid Procastination During Studying

Did you know that you are procastinating your studies if you suddenly stop studying because you remember something more important to do or you remember that you have to see or call your friend immediately? But did you also know that you can lessen this tendency if you observe some preparation before studying?

To overcome procastination, see to it that you will be studying away from distractions. Study in a room without TV or radio and most especially, cellphone or telephone. Turn-off your cell phone or keep it in the place away from you. Calls or messages that you will receive from friends or family while studying will surely distract you. Better yet, tell your mother or you household members that you will study so that they will not call you nor talk to you unnecessarily. After all, you just need to devote 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time to study your lessons.

Bring a snack and a drink with you when you are studying. This will minimize your chance to procastinate your studying activity because you don’t need to wander on your kitchen looking for something to eat. And if you are researching online, avoid checking your emails and messengers as these will surely divert your attention. See to it that you are already done studying before checking your personal messages.

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