Tips To Develop An Efficient Study Habit

Being a student is hard but fun especially when you are in college. It is hard because we need to pass and in order to pass, we need to do home works, special projects, reports, presentations and pass the exams. However, being a college or a university student is fun because this is the time when we are given the freedom to explore, to go out with friends, and to be on our own.

It is indeed important for students to balance studies and social life. It is not unusual to see students cramming and panicking a day before the exams. And I think, majority of students nowadays have already experience getting insufficient sleep during examination days.

But based on my experiences, with just a little effort, anybody can actually develop an efficient study habits if they will allot a particular time to study. Start it during class lectures. See to it that you listen on your professor’s lectures or presentation. If the discussion does not seem to be interesting, focus on notes writing so that you can have something to get back to during reviews.

Save at least an hour to study your day’s lectures whether you have exams or not. Remember that it is easier to memorize terms or things that you see often. By doing this, you will really not need to cram or stay up late at night studying for tomorrow’s exam.

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