Tips When You Need To Spend Long Hours In Reading

Reading off-screen is often more convenient and less stressful especially when you need to spend long time in reading. But just like any activity, reading for a long period of time is really tiring whether you read on your PC or off-screen.

So if you are about to read long chapters of book  in just one sitting, it would be better to choose a place where you can comfortably sit for a long time. Many people say that propping a book around 40- 45 degrees by using a book stand or book holder makes reading easier and less tiring because it can also free your hand. And I can also attest for this because I have a nice book holder that I always use when I am reading reference books and even pocket books.

Another tip is that to read in a study table that is similar with the height of dining table.  I really prefer spending time reading and doing home works in our dining table because I do not encounter any neck pain or back pain when I was in this place.

When reading for a long time, don’t forget to bend your arms and legs and to moderately twist your neck once in a while because moving your body is necessary to avoid building up any pressure and stiff muscles. Moving your body and sipping a cup of tea or milk is great to have a more relaxed and attentive spirit while reading.

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