Typing Game That can Improve Your Typing Speed

If you want to test your typing skills and of course, develop your speed in typing, why not try this Fingerjig Typing Game?  This one is great for students and will not definitely bore you.

You will be provided with scores each after test set. I am hooked practicing my typing skills using Fingerjig because it helps me improve my typing while having some fun. Fingerjig is a 6-minute game that you can do online without the need to download anything.

What I like most here is that you type words as they appear on the screen. It also enriched my vocabulary because whenever I see new words that I did not know the meaning, I look for their meaning in my thesaurus.

1 thought on “Typing Game That can Improve Your Typing Speed

  1. Jenna Columbia

    Hey, awesome! That’s a pretty fun game! I’ll probably show it to my kids. However, I do already have them started on this (http://www.imtyping.com), which is a more serious site. However I may alternate them between that and the game incase they get bored, but I feel that the website is more educational.

    Thanks for the game!

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