Understanding Study Skills and Studying Techniques

Study skills are often interchanged with studying techniques because these two are really related. But to differentiate study skills and studying techniques, associate these two with cause and effect. Consider studying techniques as the cause and study skill as the effect of using the studying techniques.

Examples of study skills are good or retentive memory and fast reading. Study skills such as these two uses different techniques. A student needs to learn some techniques to develop a particular study skill. To develop a skill or to have a retentive memory, applying some techniques like remembering by associating or sounding should be used. And to develop the skill or ability to read faster, techniques like reading aloud or reading always should be applied.

The key to develop a study skill is to know the appropriate study techniques. Try asking your classmates or your friends for advice on how to develop the study skills that you want to have. They may have several techniques

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